birth name virginia vandenburgh goes by ginny comic verse alias Copycat / vanessa carlysle birthdate & age February 1, 1980 & 35 hometown Boston, Massachusetts occupation event planner relationship status in love with work

Virginia Vandenburgh was the much longed for first child and first daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vandenburgh, but it was very clear from the start that she would not be an easy child, and when the Vandenburgh's added their second daughter, it was clear that the girls would be as different as night and day. Both Virginia and Jane were brought up in a thinking, privleged household, and while Virginia, or Ginny as she preferred to be called, was as smart as either parent or her younger sister, she simply didn't seem to want to apply herself like her younger sister. Both parents saw the potential in their daughter and she was by no means spoiled or vain in any way, though she certainly could have been given the life the Vandenburghs were afforded due to their father's prestige and their mother's medical degree, but she was not to be what many would call special.

Ginny, despite being the older child, often acted out in ways her parents would not approve. Some of it stemmed from seeing her sister take so easily and fully to the sciences that flowed freely in their household, while Ginny herself simply didn't want anything to do with them. As a young woman, she didn't understand that her parents would probably love her just as well if she didn't love science, as if she did. But because it was such a big part of their household, their upbringing, even the way the world regarded and revered her father, Ginny felt like she was doing something wrong, or letting her family down.

Despite wanting to, deep down, be the golden child her sister was, Ginny failed. Her life would be a series of bad choices, but those choices, no matter how her family looked down upon them, would turn her from the girl she was into the woman she could be. In school she chose friends and popularity over really applying herself to her studies. She did what was needed to get by and nothing more. SHe could have chosen her friends from any group in the school, and for some reason, Ginny chose the worst. They were the group of kids parents prayed their children wouldn't fall into, the kind into drugs and alcohol and promiscuity. The more the Vandenburghs tried to keep Ginny away from those poor influences, the more she rebelled. It came to a head when she turned 18 and graduated from high school. The moment she had her diploma in her hand, Ginny left home on a cross country road trip with the friends her parents so desperately wanted to keep her away from. College wasn't a blip on Ginny's radar, even though she'd been accepted into prestigious schools, the letters to which her parents found only after their daughter had left.

For a year, Ginny was gone. She was off the radar in a way that frightened her parents. She didn't call, she didn't check in. Occassionally she reached out to her younger sister to let her know she was, in fact, alive, but all Ginny wanted was the chance to be her own person, to disappear into the fabric of the world. And she did just that. Along the way, she lost herself, as well. When money ran out, Ginny did whatever it took to get them cash so they could keep going, keep drinking, keep getting that next fix. It would be two years before Ginny, broke and broken, ended up back in Boston. She was a different girl, older but no wiser, and she didn't want her family to know how low she'd sunk. Unable to provide for herself or to hold a job, Ginny fell deeper into a world of prostitution. Again, it was a series of poor choices and wrong turns that would put her on a different path. One fateful night, Ginny solicited the wrong person, choosing an undercover cop, and it would be her arrest that would change everything.

No longer did her family not know she was back in town. They were called to pick her up from jail, heartbroken, disappointed, but happy that their eldest was alive, and they threw their considerable resources behind her to try and straighten her out. Sometimes it worked. But more often than not it didn't. The only constant in her life became the cop she'd tried to sleep with. Somehow, whenever she was about to do something bad, or in the midst of a poor choice, he was there. And as luck would have it, he'd be there the night she nearly died of an overdose. Jack Winston saved Ginny Vandenburgh's life, and gave her the push she needed to save herself. After nearly dying, Ginny knew she had to get her head on straight. She stopped putting off college and applied herself. She began her long road to her career by interning with a local event company, eventually striking out on her own, with help from her parents, to start her own event planning company, one that is gaining traction with each passing day.

blurby blurb --

- Shares the same first initial.
- Once worked as a prostitute.
- Has had her live saved by Jack Winston aka Deadpool

- Genetic Metamorph
  • appearance mimicry
  • power mimicry

  • - Blue skin
    - Red eyes
    - White Hair

    unlocked abilities
    as of
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